Meek Cherry Artistry

Real name: Cherry Meekins

Born and raised in Houston, Texas. Cherry is a self taught artist who’s style continuously evolves. She believes that versatility in art is just as important as it is in life. Not only is using art as a communication and therapy medium her mission, but it’s also to contribute more to the conversation of society through creativity, public art, and transforming spaces into something not only beautiful but impactful.

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Meek Cherry Artistry proudly provides eclectic fine and high deco art for the discerning collector. Meek Cherry Artistry works bridge color, texture, and technique into one of a kind works of art. Whether you’re a discerning collector that’s looking to be moved by a piece or wanting high end decorative art that transforms your space from bland to interesting Meek Cherry Artistry is a must! 




t-shirts and wearable art coming soon.